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August 4, 2012


It's another linky party! Check out Farley's Currently!

1. Hubby usually has the remote. He occasionally asks me what I want to watch, but let's just say I've seen some stuff I never would have had had it not been for him. Like "Swamp People" or "Hillbilly Handfishin".

2. Hi, my name is Kristin and I'm addicted to Pinterest. Hubby probably would have had an intervention for me by now, but I got him addicted too. Bwha ha ha!

3. Finally, we can get into our classrooms Monday. My plan is to go M-W this week. (I have an inservice Thursday. I might be there Friday for our team meeting.)

4. I NEED a personal laminator. Last year our sweet receptionist laminated for us. She has moved back east. Admin. also got stinky about what they would and wouldn't laminate. I have a ton of things that I've printed or made this summer that needs laminated. I may break down and take it to the school supply store. 

5. B2S must haves. Comfy shoes - I learned this one the hard way. Last year, I bought a pair of Clarks. They are supposed to be comfy. Wrong! I bought them 1/2 size to small. I had major blisters by the end of the first day. I took them back got the right size. Now, they are the comfiest shoes I own. 

Tylenol - Even though, I take Potassium and Magnesium, I get horrible leg cramps at the beginning of every school year. Tylenol to the rescue!

New calendar - This is the first B2S item I buy every year. As soon as Wal-Mart puts out their planners, I pick out a new one and a new set of pens, and start filling in all of my important dates. This year I picked out a Mead Five-Star planner. It is lime green. (BIG smile!) The spiral is covered with fabric. (Hopefully, it won't snag.) It has an elastic loop for a pen. The final selling point - rather than listing times on the weekly planner, it has empty circles for a to-do list. LOVE!


  1. At my first school teachers were not allowed to touch the laminator, you had to beg the TA to laminate for you. I totally agree about the comfy shoes, I wear TOMS or Danskos to school - they are cute AND comfy!

    ✪ Miss W

    Miss W Teaches

  2. My hubby does the exact same thing!! He always wants me to watch these big creatures they are catching and I usually keep "working" on my computer. haha!! I just bought a personal laminator and am still waiting for it to arrive. I hope it lives up to all the hype. It seems like everyone is getting one. Thank you for stopping by my giveaway and I am your newest follower:)
    Fourth Grade Flipper