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August 20, 2012

Made It "Mine" Monday #5 & 25 Followers

<Heavy sigh!> Summer is over! Today I is staff development day #1. I will enjoy spending the day with my friends, but I am not looking forward to the alarm clock every morning (even though I am a morning person) and sitting on a hard library chair. I will also miss blog stalking and pinning. I still have a few projects that I would like to make and use in my class this year, like Vocabulators. I am just going to have to make time.

This week I did manage to finish a few more projects.

Project #1
"Rise & Shine" exit ticket board
I love the idea of the Twitter or status update exit tickets, but I had to make it "mine". My idea is that the students will "rise" out of their chair and post their idea or "shine" on their number. I probably won't use it everyday. I like the idea of putting it on a tri-fold project board, so I can put it away and store it.
By the way, this is my cat, Skunky Funky, who had to jump up and see what I was doing.

Project #2

One of my pet peeves is not putting your name on your paper. They've been doing it since Kindergarten. They should be proud of your work and want the credit. Finally, it should be the first thing they do when I hand you a piece of paper. So, why don't they do it? I hope this nifty little trick will do cut down on the number of no name papers. If not, I am going to make the "No Name" clip board that I've seen on Pinterest. 
Idea courtesy of Mrs. G in Grade 3.

Homemade It Project #3
Sweet & Sour Chicken
I love chicken! So this summer, I've been trying different chicken recipes from Pinterest. This one comes from Mel's Kitchen Cafe. Even hubby said it could go into the regular rotation. 
(He didn't say that about the Honey Sauced Chicken that I love.)

I live by the saying, "If your not 5 min. early, you are late." I feel tardy for the party, but I just had to share my Monday Made Its. 

Can I get a "Woo Hoo!"? I have 25 followers. Hmmm....what can I do for a giveaway at 50?


  1. I LOOOOOVE new recipes! Super excited to try this one out. Thanks for sharing it! :)

    Reaching for the TOP!

  2. I'm doing the highlight-your-name, too! I shared it with someone and they said some kids would highlight the blank line. OH MY! Glad to see you won in my Giveaway!

    Teaching with Moxie