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October 29, 2012

Veterans Day

Every year, I read my favorite book, The Wall by Eve Bunting.

 I usually share the Reading Rainbow video on Teacher Tube or Vimeo.  (Back in the day, I showed the video on VHS that I taped from the actual show. Thank goodness for technology!)

I ask my students to bring in the name of a veteran, branch of service, their rank, and years of service. If they don't know one, then I allow them to use a celebrity Veteran, like Elvis or Ronald Reagan. They transfer the information onto a black construction paper brick using a white crayon.

Then we build our wall. When I first started doing this, it was just my classes (a small wall). Now my entire grade level does it. It is pretty impressive.

(A medium size wall made by both of my switch classes.)

(Grade level wall 2012)


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