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December 9, 2012

Native Texan lapbook

Again, I was inspired by another teacher, Janaye at Tales of Frogs and Cupcakes.

My district scope & sequence allots one week to teach about Native Americans. I knew I needed something quick and easy. I decided to put together my own lapbook with foldables. 

We started with a piece of construction paper folded in half. Next, we added a map, map key, and title. As we studied each group, we added the neighboring tribes. 

I liked the idea of Janaye's Kiowa circle book. I found a wheel book pattern at Home School Share.
I divided one circle into fourths and wrote the questions that I wanted them to answer. 
Then we cut the top wheel pattern out of construction paper. 
We used a brad to put it all together and make it spin. 

This is my favorite foldable. I used the small octagon accordion book from Home School Share.
We decorated the top octagon like a fish. We recycled a piece of the scrap paper to make a tail for our fish. This kid forgot the fish eye, but got really creative with the fish scales.
Again I wrote the questions that I wanted them to answer in the other octagons. 


The third tribe we studies were the Jumanos. 
This is a T-5 space book from Home School Share.
We drew a pueblo looking house on the cover along with the tribe name. 
Inside students answered the same 4 questions.

The final tribe, we study are the Comanches. We made a 3/4 book. 
This is the only one that I may change next year. 


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