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January 26, 2013

Author Visit with H.J. Ralles

1.  H.J. Ralles shares her manuscript for her book, Darok 9.
2.  Looking through a magazine.
3. The Ghosts of Malhado 
4.  Adding titles to their "creativity box".
5.  H. J. Ralles talking to the kids about her books 
6.  Cutting pictures out of magazines
7.  Showing H.J. Ralles her finished "creativity box"
8.  Trimming pictures for his journal
9.  Sharing their ideas with H.J. Ralles

       Friday, we had our 2nd annual "Creativity Box" workshop with author, H.J. Ralles. She talked to the kids about her experiences as a writer, where she gets her ideas from, and how she collects ideas for her books. They got to see her first published book from when she was 10 and how her editor edits her manuscript. Then she walked them through creating their own "creativity box". The BEST part...it was all aligned to our Texas TEKS objectives and will help prepare them for the STAAR Writing test. 


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