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January 1, 2013

January Currently & Thanks!

It's the first, so that means Farley's Currently!

I love listening to the rain. I just wish it wasn't so cold. The fireworks...well...I am not as thrilled about. My neighbors spend an outrageous fortune on them. They are still shooting them off tonight.

No alarm clock! My cats and dog have been unusually quiet in the morning. As a result, I've slept in until 7:30 - 8:00 every morning during break. It has been AWESOME! 5:00 Monday morning is going to be ROUGH!!!

I'd make a to do list, but I am a procrastinator. I probably wouldn't get anything done on it, even if I made one.

I did take down the Christmas tree, much to my husband's dismay. He suggested we keep it up year round. Ummm...NO! I need to finish putting away the snowmen and put it all in the attic, but I am a procrastinator and I have no energy. 

My one little word is HOME, because I love being home. I love taking care of my home. I would like to be a "home" wife someday. Home is where my heart is! 

Thanks to Christina! I won her second set of fonts yesterday. I used CB EvenPuffer on my January Currently.


  1. Hi! I found you through the Currently linky! I'm with you on the energy level....I need some before Thursday!! I like your OWL - HOME! I'm a homebody too....got to stay home 13 years with my kids...wouldn't have traded it for anything!
    I'm a follower now too!!

    Spotted Around the School

  2. Congrats on winning! Cute fonts make things so much more fun!

    For the Love of First Grade

  3. Found you through the linky and love finding 4th grade teacher bloggers! I sure do love your OLW. Home is the best place to be! Good luck on Monday when you return to school ;)

    Fun in Room 4B

  4. There is something special about those days that you wake up without an alarm.

    I'm a new follower xx
    Daydreams with Miss D