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April 12, 2013

Five for Friday, Friday, Friday Giveaway!


1.  Face painting at our school carnival - Let me start by saying I've never face painted. EVER! I'm not a huge make-up person. I do a basic 5 minute face.

I AM crafty and creative! This was a CHALLENGE! My first customer wanted a Spiderman mask. Really? I couldn't just do a spider on your cheek.

2.  FIRE! - This is not a drill. I was on lunch duty (not my favorite duty), when the fire alarm goes off. I had the microphone, waited about 30 sec. - 1 min. to see if they were going to tell us to stay put, everything is OK (It has happened before.), then started directing 9 classes of 4th graders out of the cafeteria. Simultaneously convincing them it was OK to leave their lunch sitting on the table. We all made it out safe and sound. Firemen checked the building. No fire!

3.  "Mrs. B., did you know there is a giant grasshopper outside your class?"
This was the mantra of 44 Fourth graders Wednesday. The grasshopper started at the bottom of the window in the morning, and by dismissal it was half way up the window.
Yes, this is a Texas-sized grasshopper.

What happens when state writing testing is over? Kids write for FUN. This week, my writers exploded. It started with this little red-headed fellow. He started writing a book called "Shipwrecked". It is really good!

The other kids thought so too. They started writing. Writing fever swept through the class. They are so excited that they are pumping out volumes. They even self-started a writing contest to see who could get their book published and in the school library first. There was even a $10 bet (not sanctioned or condoned by me. I already had to respond to one parent's email about it. She wanted to know the rules of the contest.)

5.  Reading Olympians -  We did the Reading Olympian raps for the 1st time this week, took our 1st quiz, and they received their 1st certificates. The girls were the best rappers. One of my boys ended every rap with "turtle". Cracking me up! Actually, their rap performances were priceless. Word! Overall, they did very well on their quizzes and loved getting their certificates. They broke out in spontaneous applause for each other! Heartwarming and a nice way to end the week.

Last, but NOT least...

TGIF! Have a great weekend!


  1. I think your Spiderman looks fabulous.. happy Friday!!

  2. You are funny! Thanks for sharing about your week. :)

  3. I think you did a great job on the spiderman face!! I couldn't even begin to do that...

    That is one crazy grasshopper. Ew. Heebie jeebies.

    Isn't it amazing how they can write when it's just for fun...all this testing takes the fun out of everything!

    Collaboration Cuties