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April 21, 2013

Mentor Text - Fly Traps (Science) & Let's Get Acquainted

Once upon a time, when I was self-contained and taught using the basal reading textbook, I integrated science and literature. During our plant unit, we read Fly Traps: Plants that Bite Back by Martin Jenkins

Most kids have probably heard about the Venus flytrap, but what about the squishy bladderworts, sticky sundews, or the cobra lillies. Great illustrations help diagram how plants eat (at least carnivorous ones).

After reading the book, students were challenged to create their own carnivorous plant and create a seed packet. I put the project along with examples in my TPT store. Click here to download the project.

Example of student's work

I love linking up with Amanda & Stacia at Collaboration Cuties! Their mentor text linky has given me the chance to go back in time and explore some of my old files. Thank you ladies!

This week's topic: 3 favorite parts of my classroom

Top of my cabinet
This is generally wasted space in most classrooms, but in my classroom it houses 
my collection of teacher memorabilia,  including an antique desk. 

My DIY storage
These cuties sit on my desk. This picture was taken at the beginning of the year.
Unfortunately, there is a pile of stuff to file in front of them now. 

My library corner
I love my library. 
A few years ago, I won a Really Good Stuff gift certificate. 
I redeemed it on baskets for my books.
Hopefully, this summer I can phase out the red and replace it with green.

The last two state tests are this week, math on Tuesday and reading on Wednesday. Good luck to everyone else out there on your tests! 


  1. Wow! Thanks for sharing. That student's work is incredible. You must be a fabulous teacher! ;)
    Creating Lifelong Learners

  2. I bet the children had a blast creating their own carnivorous plants. What a good idea!

    The Balanced Classroom

  3. I absolutely love this book and I was so excited when I saw you linked it up! Yay!! We used to use this book in 3rd grade (it was in their anthology) and we did so many neat things with it (and something similar to your craftivity!)!

    I love those drawers with the polka dots! Too cute! Thanks for linking up!
    Collaboration Cuties

  4. That book looks awesome! I have a couple of boys who love anything dangerous, destructive, and deadly - so venus fly traps are right up their alley! :)

    Thanks for sharing!

    Joy in the Journey

  5. Your fly trap project looks fun! We have a story in our reading book about carnivorous plants so I will have to remember your activity for next year!I am a new follower!

  6. My students would love this book. My boys are always mentioning "meat eating plants" lol. Thanks for sharing!

    Literacy Spark

  7. Thanks for popping over to my blog- my kids do love coming back and seeing their hand prints are still on the wall!

    I love your display on top of your cabinet- what a good idea, all my stuff like that is in a box in my cupboard :(

    One other thing- the link you left after your name on my page didn't work- I found you through google plus though but there might be something missing from your signature code (I did that the other week and discovered the equals sign had dropped out)

    x Serena x

    Magic Mistakes & Mayhem

  8. We just watched a fantastic video on carnivorous plants through Discovery Education.
    Love the idea of creating their own species! So fun!
    Fabulous Fifth Grade Fun

  9. The Venus Fly-trap book fits perfectly with our current study of Plant Growth! I will see if our library has it! I also love the idea of designing your own plant and agree the student work you showed is fabulous! I am your newest follower!


  10. This text sounds great! Thanks for sharing!

    Sarah @ Hoots N' Hollers

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  12. I love your reading corner--and I'm going to have to check out that book for this summer! I just wanted to let you know that I am having a giveaway! I'm giving away a really cool pencil sharpener! So come on over!