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April 7, 2013

Mentor Text Linky - Language Arts - Silent Letters Loud and Clear

Like Amanda & Stacia, I have a similar addiction to books. I have shelves full of them and even more boxes full of them. I often forget that I own certain books. 

A couple of weeks ago, our word study pattern focus was on silent letters. I searched Pinterest looking for ideas and saw a pin for Silent Letters Loud and Clear  by Robin Pulver. Much to my surprise, I found the book on my shelf.

My students loved listening to me trying to read the letter without the silent letters. Their favorite sentence "Cat rot this." instead of  "Cait wrote this." They, also, loved trying to figure out what all the letters were made out of and decided that the b was made out of a frosted cupcake. By the time, we finished reading the book the students had a good understanding of silent letters, and most had found their 10 additional words for their homework. 



  1. Cute book! I sort of think I may have that book somewhere....erg. That's the problem with a book addiction, there are so many books and they are so hard to keep track of and remember!!

    Thank you for sharing this book and for linking up!! What a fun way to teach word study/spelling!
    Collaboration Cuties