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April 6, 2013

Pass the Torch Linky

Get Ready for Bloggy Olympics!!!

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Join The 3AM Teacher, the Reading Olympians, and over 80 SUPREME education bloggers as we take you through a tour of the Reading Olympians Root Study Program!!

One of our Texas TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge & Skills) 2.A (Readiness) is to "determine the meaning of grade-level academic English  words derived from Latin, Greek, or other linguistic roots and affixes." It is listed in every quarter of our Language Arts scope & sequence. In other words, it is SUPER important. 

In the past, I taught a few prefixes and suffixes, but it never really stuck. Then I found the Reading Olympians. The skies opened up, angels sang, and the Reading gods looked down and smiled upon my classroom. Not really, but the program is pretty awesome. 

I started by introducing the 10 words for their homework. Students tried to guess my pattern for the week. Hopeless stumped them, but they guessed that the rest of the words all had a prefix. This is the back page of their homework projected onto my white board. It may be hard to see, but they have to add 10 more words to the list by Friday.

Next, I introduced the chants. They are in the center of each of the boxes on the anchor chart. You may notice that I stuck with the orange and blue color theme for the Nike set. Each student had a copy of the chants, also.

Then, the fun really began. Students worked with partners to complete their graphic organizer. I required them to define the affix, find at least 5 words with the affix, write a meaningful sentence using one of the words, and draw a picture illustrating that word.

An added bonus, they practiced their dictionary skills, as well. 

For my early finishers, I had them choose their favorite word, the longest word, or any word from their packet, and write it on a sticky note. They added their sticky notes to the chart. This not only helped keep them busy, but helped my struggling students find their 5 words. I think that might even qualify as differentiated instruction or peer learning. 

Due to our state STAAR testing, we didn't have time to take the quiz. Next week, we will finish up the Nike set and begin the Poseidon set. I am looking forward to next year, when I can start the Reading Olympics earlier in the year. 

Discover the program IN ACTION in more K-6th grade classrooms as you Pass the Torch!! Get ideas, discover the progression of the program, and enter the Raffle for a chance to win ONE of the three prizes listed below!!

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Pass the Torch!!!

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  1. I love the sticky note idea! I plan on using that one next week. It is a nice twist to the anchor chart.

    Enjoy your weekend!

    Suntans and Lesson Plans

  2. I was going to comment and say the same thing as the person above me! Love the sticky note idea, I am going to do that with the 2nd set as well! :) I'm your new follower!

    Have a great weekend!
    Pinkadots Elementary

  3. Love your anchor chart!