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April 10, 2013

Techie Tuesday/ Workshop Wednesday

This is 2-fer-1 post. My apologies for the length. Disclaimer: Neither one of these ideas are original. I work in an awesome district. Both ideas were shared with me. 

Techie Tuesday is a little tardy, because I just found out about this today. My technology liaison forwarded an email to the staff. It was too good not to share.

Did you know there is a way to watch your favorite YouTube clips in class without distracting the students with all the extra comments or videos? Read on my friend; read on.

Go from this...

To this...

By doing this...

OPTION for Internet Explorer
1. Copy the YouTube video's URL

2. Go to http://www.safeshare.tv/ (add it to your Bookmark bar or Favorites for quickness)

3. Paste the YouTube URL in the box and click Generate Safe Link

4. Click "Take me to the safe view" link. 

5. Enjoy the safe YouTube video. BONUS: You can also copy this new safeshare.tv link and paste it in your presentations or email. 

OPTION for Chrome

1. Go to http://quietube.com/ in Chrome. 

2. Drag the quietube button to your bookmarks bar. If you don't see your bookmarks bar, then look at the second picture below (Click on the control settings button, click on Bookmarks, click on Show bookmarks bar).

3. Go to YouTube in pull up your video as usual. Once you have your video up, click the quietube button

4. Bam. You get a nice clean page for your YouTube video. Again, you can copy/paste this new URL into your presentations or emails.

Maybe this will help some administrators change their minds about allowing YouTube video use.

Onto Reading Workshop...How do you stay organized with your guided reading groups?

 First, I keep all of my file folders in a basket in an extra desk next to my small group bean table.
The striped folder in front contains the behavior expectations for each leveled group. As I meet with each group, I keep this folder open. As I note behavior, I date a sticky note and add it to the folder. We do online documentation, so I can take this folder to my computer and do my documentation when I have time.

 Thank goodness for my district Language Arts coaches. They shared this little gem with me earlier this year.



  1. Thanks for linking up! I had not heard of quietube but I've been using safeshare- love it!
    ideas by jivey

  2. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, your expectations folders!


  3. Thanks for two great ideas. I really need to check out safe share.

  4. I love that safe share tv! Thanks for the idea! I'm happy to block those not-so-kid-friendly comments..!

  5. Thanks for the techie tip! I shared it over on my Five on the Fifth post!


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