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June 28, 2013

Five for Friday - June 28th

LOL - My fortune!

It may just be me, but I nearly wet myself when I read my fortune. Visions of someone sitting in the fortune cookie factory typing this one and putting it in my cookie ran through my head. I imagined this someone then falling out of their chair laughing at the prospect of me opening said cookie, then I laughed even harder.

Lamp love!

Happy Birthday to me! It is not much, but it made me happy as the Pilsbury dough boy going through security. (I love those commericals! He he!)

My new classroom is DARK, like a cave, dark. There are NO exterior windows. The only windows are at the top of the hallway wall. The door is a wooden door with a slender window, not unlike a prison door without the slamming lock or permanency.

Walking through Target, I didn't know I was looking for a lamp, but when I saw this one I knew it had to come home with me. Not to mention, it reminds me of an 80's Izod shirt. In fact, I turned it around to see if there was an alligator on it. I think I am going to get or make cute little clothespins, so I can clip pictures or notes to the base.

Polka dots and stripes...file bands and binder clips AND on clearance = Happy camper!

Have you ever bought something for someone else then decided you loved it too much to give it to them? Me! I started looking at the dragonfly collection at Hobby Lobby this spring. My mom loves dragonflies, so I bought her the tea towels and rubber gloves. (She loves funny gifts.) Then I went to a different Hobby Lobby , not in my neighborhood, and I saw this dry erase canvas. I decided I needed it for my classroom. It is going to be a reminder board posted either right inside my classroom or outside my door. 

Wednesday was my birthday!
Do you like my husband's fancy gift wrap?
I was so excited for multiple reasons, not just because I get to turn another year older, but I finally got my very own laminator, actually two. [My husband and step-daughter both looked at my Pinterest board, but didn't talk to each other.] I have been coveting everyone else's for a year. Now, I won't have to wait in August or lose an item or have it accidentally destroyed. I can destroy it myself. 

If you can't tell, I had a MUCH better week this week. My ankle is pretty shades of purple and yellow.
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  1. I would laugh so hard if that would have been my fortune! My friend's daughter always reads her fortune as "Help! I'm trapped inside this cookie." :)
    Love that lamp - I'm going to check my Target and see if they have one similar.

  2. You found some great things at Target this week! Now you're making me want to go shopping!
    Happy birthday!

  3. Mmmmmm. That dessert looks delish!! Happy birthday!!! Hope it was fabulous! Now I will covet YOUR laminator.......
    ideas by jivey
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  4. LOVE the fortune! Is it crazy that I have 4 laminators? I bought one through a special deal on Amazon two summers ago. That same summer Carsona and Dellosa had a $10 off coupon and I was able to get another one at BJS Wholesale using the coupon for $11. So I had one for home and one for school! Then a few weeks later I was able to get another one at BJs when THEY had a $10 off coupon. The fourth one I won on a giveaway.

    Since you shop on Amazon, I use these pouches and LOVE them!

    Happy birthday!!

    Christina :)
    Apples, Books, and Crayons