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June 4, 2013

Word Nerd Alert! - America's Secret Slang

Are you a word nerd? I am.

My husband LOVES the History channel. We are big fans of Ice Road Truckers, American Pickers, American Restoration, Counting Cars, Pawn Stars, and Swamp People. If he sees a new show, he records it, previews it, and then decides if it is something I would like [tolerate], too. This weekend, he found one, America's Secret Slang. For the language arts teacher/wordsmith in me, my heart skipped a beat. So we watched an episode called "West Word Ho!" (Ha! Ha! Don't you just love the clever play on words!)

Do you really know what "riff raff" is or why we say someone who is in trouble is "over a barrel"? I know. Now.

I would love to show an episode in class. However, not all of the content is appropriate. Some terminology comes from playing poker, drinking, or war. These might be fun to show in an upper grade class though. Otherwise I strongly recommend editing.

If you are a wordsmith or a history buff, check it out!

Chances are if you follow me, you probably follow Megan @ I Teach or Diane @ Teaching with Moxie and already saw their posts. They are two of my BBB and RL friends. I will definitely be there.

The last one was a ton of fun. I hope you will join us.



  1. My hubby LOVES History Channel as well! I tolerate some shows, but I actually LIKE "America's Secret Slang."


  2. Oh, I will have to check this out! Love your blog design...Megan is fabulous, isn't she?! Thanks for the tip!