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July 1, 2013

Lovin' Bloglovin', Giveaway Winner & We're Goin' on a Blog Hunt

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Thank you to everyone who entered and followed my blog on Bloglovin' and Facebook! Come back Wednesday for PMA Wednesday!

Some may be sad about the demise of Google Reader, but I am not. I love Bloglovin'. It has allowed me to connect with almost 100 new followers. I may not know who all of them are (just the last 20 to sign up), but  I appreciate them following me.

I like being able to like a post, then going back and read the ones that I liked. I, also, put all of the blogs that I follow into groups, which makes it easier to find the blogs that I read the most frequently.

If you haven't tried Bloglovin', give it a try and see why I am lovin' Bloglovin'! Now let's go on a blog hunt!



  1. Hi..
    Just stop by for saying that was amazing contest. Congratulation to the winner.


  2. Hi Kristn!
    I found your blog on the blog hunt and I am now following you under Bloglovin' and Google! I am moving from 3rd grade to 2nd grade this next year and would love to share ideas! I would love for you to check my blog out when you get a chance.
    A Series of 3rd Grade Events