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July 28, 2013

Monday Made It! (a little early) - July 29th


While you are enjoying reading through all of the MMI blog posts today, I am sitting in an ALL day inservice. (Unless you are a night owl and read this Sunday night) Jealous? You should be. It's going to be a party. If you saw my PMA Wednesday post from last week, you know why.

Once again, I've been busy. Last week, Christy wondered if I kept my cape in the back closet, because I might be Superwoman. No, it is at the cleaners. Seriously, time keeps on slipping into the future. MMI keeps me motivated and organized. Thank you, Tara. 

This week, I've made these things for the blog, school and home, including table tags, glitter clothespins, art for my classroom, a sign for Christmas, and more mini burgers.

I made these signs for my table buckets. It is my "Fan Freebie" on my FB page

Glitter Crayola clothespins
Pinspiration from Random Craftiness

The main difference between Katie's clothespins and mine is the type of Modge Podge.
She used a Sparkle Modge Podge. I used Matte Modge Podge and dipped them in glitter.
I'm going to use them on my clothesline in the hallway to display my students' "sparkling" work.

Inspirational signs and frame
Pinspiration from Second Grade Shenanigans

Earlier this summer, I read Hope King's blog post about how she uses inspirational subway art.
I loved the idea how she covered them up with black construction paper and revealed a new one each month. I decided to stick with one frame and change the quote each month. I decided to start with her "No one is Perfect..." quote.

The frame and ribbon are from Wal-Mart.
I printed her quote out 4X6, but it wasn't, 
so I mounted it on lime green cardstock and laminated it.

My SKCrew framed
                        The Boys: Skipper and Skooter                    The Girls: Skunky and Skittles

If you haven't noticed yet, I LOVE my pets. Since I can't take them to school with me, 
I thought I could at least bring their pictures to school.

This summer, I have completely spoiled them. 
I am going to miss them in August as much as they will miss me.

Snow sign

I first blogged about this sign in February. At that time, I had cut out the letters and spray painted the sign.
This summer, I touched up my spray painting job by going over the letters with white acrylic paint.
Then, I sealed it. Next, I stapled lights and tinsel around the edge.

The sign is made from a piece of plywood that I got at Home Depot.
The letters are the same ones I've used forever to make letters for bulletin boards.
The spray paint, sealer, and tinsel all came from Home Depot.
The lights are LED crystal outdoor lights from Hobby Lobby.

This Christmas it will join my inflatable snowmen in my front yard.

Bacon Turkey Burgers
(Photo of another turkey burger - not mine)
1 lb. ground turkey
1 package bacon (I prefer maple.)
1/2 cup applesauce (I used natural applesauce.)

Cook bacon. Chop bacon into small pieces. Mix turkey, chopped bacon and applesauce in a large bowl. Form into patties. Grill or fry. Freezes well. I make mine slider size and serve them on Hawaiian rolls. 

3 for 3 Giveaway - Ends at Midnight Monday! Winners will be announced Tuesday!


  1. LOL...I thought I was the only person in the world with a pet named Skunk! Our blue heeler goes by Skunky Doodle!

  2. I am also a Texas teacher. I taught LA/SS in fourth and am moving to third! Have fun on your new adventure!

  3. How painful was it to get out the door early this morning? Love your clothes pins. So cute and sparkly!


    I Teach. What's Your Super Power?

    1. It was rough. Alarm went off @ 6 a.m. I am dreading the day it goes off @ 5.

      Inservice was worth it. It was a Make & Take on Math Fluency.

  4. Hi Kristin! I am loving the pictures of your pets! They are so sweet :)
    I found you on Fifth in the Middle's Blogs by State page!
    I see that you are in Texas, and I'm not sure what part, but you should go and check out my latest blog post! Mrs. Patton and I are hosting a meet up for Texas teachers! We'd love to see you there. :) E-mail me if you have any questions!

    Mrs. Thompson
    Adventures in Teaching (A First Grade Blog)
    My TpT Store

  5. Such cute clothespins! Another great recipe too! Thank you for linking up.

    Teaching Tales Along the Yellow Brick Road