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July 10, 2013

PMA Wednesday - 5th Edition

Welcome to PMA Wednesday!

Back in the day, before DVR, I would occasionally get home in time to watch Oprah. I remember several episodes where she had Maya Angelou on her show. Although both smart and successful women, whose words have impacted many women, there is one phrase that has stuck with me all of these years.

When I repeat it to my students, I usually shorten it and change I to you. "Now that you know better, do better." 

Now that Oprah is not on everyday, I watch Ellen. I love how she ends her show by saying, "Be kind to one another."

 This could be my dog, Skooter and one of my cats, (S)Kipper. 
Sadly, it isn't. They are NOT kind to one another.

I can't tell you how many times I've started to blog about my battles or post something on Facebook, but I always stop myself. Like many other women, I battle the bulge. I've been overweight since I was 5. I finally lost the battle of the bulge 9 years ago and had gastric bypass surgery. I hit rock bottom. I could barely walk down the hallway to my classroom without constant foot pain. Initially, I lost 205 pounds. I've since regained  40 lbs. This summer I have lost 10 again. 

I am not battling alone though. My husband has an even bigger battle. He is still considered super morbidly obese. He is on oxygen and multiple medications. This summer I enrolled him in Kristin's Boot Camp. He has lost and gained and lost and regained. Unfortunately, I am not always as kind to him. I forget that his battle is different than mine.

Back to my first quote, "Now that I know better, I do better." Thanks for letting me share and maybe even inspire. 

Just remember to "Be kind to one another!"

Now to share some kindness...
Two of my bloggy buddies are having awesome giveaways. 

Kelly @ Koonce's Korner (a fellow TX blogger)
I donated the winner's choice of my new birthday tags.

Ends later today! Good luck!


  1. I love the Maya Angelou quote as well...has truly inspired me also. I miss Oprah! I love Ellen too though. Just in a different, light-hearted ways.

    You express yourself so eloquently. Good luck to you and your husband :)


  2. Kristin- this post just proves how true that quote is. We never know what others are battling. You have an amazing weight loss story and your husband will, too. Just keep trying!

    Thank you so much for the shout out. I hope the giveaway brings you some new followers!!