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July 11, 2013

Show Us Your Stuff & a Well Duh! Moment

My "summer piles" are growing and slowly taking over my house. If I show them in the light of day, then maybe they will shrink back to where they belong in the dark. Right? 

I've already blogged about all of the boxes in my garage. Well quite a few have made it inside. 
Top Left: 2nd grade Math stuff going to school in August. My dog, Skooter, is inspecting them.
Top Right: Surprise donations for some of my school peeps.
Bottom: 4th grade Math stuff going back into permanent storage once I finish reorganizing the garage.

Everything to finish my birthday bags, make "Lucky" Charm BTS treat, and stuff to be laminated.

I have a trash bag full of clean, empty Trop 50 bottles and a Target bag full of empty Crystal Light containers. They should be in my garage, but they are living on my craft room floor. I was going to make "Vocabulators" last year, even dyed 3 bags of rice. Never happened! 

Does anyone else's coffee table look like mine? I do most of my projects in front of the t.v. My tool box on the corner never moves. I've read one chapter of Guided Math and none of the books under it. I'd better stop blogging and get to work.

This is a picture that I am happy to share. I brought my rocking chair home from school [I didn't want the movers moving it to my new classroom. It is a family antique. I decided it is better off living in my craft room.] Everything else are new purchases that will be going to school with me.

Did you notice that I didn't just post pictures like I normally do. Instead, they have a cute background and words on top of them. Last night, I was playing around with PowerPoint, and I figured out...
Clip art and digital paper from Ashley Hughes
Font: CB Hot Mess by Christina Bainbridge

Many of you probably already know how to do this, but I am still a little green. Once, I did it. I was like, "Well Duh!" 

I made a quick tutorial to help other newbies. 
Step 1: Create your slide. Select File, then Save As...

Step 2: Change Save as type to JPEG, then Save. Import JPEG into your blog, just like a picture.

Easy peazy, lemon squeezy!


  1. Very fun! Thanks for the tutorial. I just tried it and Wow--it was easy!


  2. Lol! I was the same way when I figured it out! Duh! :) What I want to know is how people put a whole bunch of slides like from a unit onto one?? Is that the same, you have to save each slide as a jpeg and then add it one by one? There has to be an easier way....hmmm
    If anyone knows please share! :)
    Love your pics!

    1. I haven't tried it yet, but Jivey posted a tutorial on how to make collages. I pinned it.


      If you try it, let me know if it works.


    2. Hi Kristin!It worked! I read through it and it really helps. Thanks so much!I am your newest follower!! :)

    3. P.S. After playing around with it I posted about it with a link to you and Jivey! :)
      Thanks again!

  3. Wow. I love how when you discover something, you share it with us!!! You're amazing! Thank you sooo much for sharing the powerpoint slide to jpeg idea! I had always wondered how people could do that but never really bothered to dive deeper into how they do it! You have truly opened my eyes! And, I'm totally with you on the crafts and "things to do/read" laying around. I'm sure by now my husband must be thinking I'm a hoarder. (But aren't all teachers just a little bit??) :)