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July 24, 2013

So You Say It's Your Birthday? (PMA Wednesday - 7th Edition)

Welcome to PMA Wednesday!

This week I had a hard time choosing. My mental attitude has been very positive lately. Summer vacation, lots of relaxation, and a lot of BIG personal milestones. So I looked through my Pinterest PMA board and found this one. 

Remember the excitement the morning of your birthday! What if you could start EVERY day that way? Easy enough during summer vacation, but maintaining that PMA becomes more difficult once school begins. 

The other day, I received my schedule for staff development in August. I was thrilled (said in a sarcastic tone). What if we treated staff development like a birthday party? Chances are we will play a game. The tables will be decorated. Most of my friends will be there. We will probably go out to lunch together (kind of like a birthday dinner). I could order dessert. All that is missing are presents and party hats. 

Speaking of celebrations...my 3 for 3 giveaway continues. If you didn't enter yesterday, click the picture and go enter. I have presents for 3 of you! 

If you have a PMA that you would like to share, click on the PMA Wednesday tab up at the top, then link up. 

So "Happy Today!" Make it a great Wednesday!


  1. Hi Kristen. Good points! Funny thing is...I always "pump myself up" for staff development days because I don't want to be the person complaining and dragging everyone else down...even if we would all want to be in our rooms working! :-)

    Teaching Little Miracles

    1. Guilty as charged. In the past, I was a Debbie Downer, a real energy vampire. However, in my defense, one year we did an "Amazing Race" game. We had to run around the school solving puzzles. Not the best use of my time. Last year, I hopped on the Energy Bus, so maybe this year will be different, even if I have to run around the school again. :)