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July 7, 2013

Thank you, Holly!

Do you know my bloggy buddy, Holly? I started following her last year, when I started my blog and was a 4th grade teacher. Even though, I am a 2nd grade teacher now, I still follow her. 

You can check out her Tried It Tuesday linky.

Right now, she is having an A.MAZ.ING. givewaway to celebrate her birthday and blogiversary!

Not to long ago, she had a Bloglovin' givewaway. The grand prize was a box of her favorites and 2 items from her TPT store. I WON! She didn't blog about what was in the box, because she wanted me to be surprised, and I was twice. It arrived yesterday, but I didn't realize it even though the dog barked when the mailman put it on the porch. When I opened the door to go to church this morning, SURPRISE! I was almost late to church, because I had to stop and open it before I left.

Grand Prize
Pad of bright card stock - will be used to make some centers, soon
Fancy file folders - minor obsession - Manila file folders just aren't the same.
Expo dry erase thin markers - never get enough
Uni*Ball pens - LOVE - Honestly, I can't tell you how many of these I've used.
Scotch packing tape - I literally just finished a roll last week. I use this tape to reinforce the spine of my  
  interactive notebooks.
Super Sticky Post-It Notes - Never can have too many post-it notes.
Neutrogena hand cream - a new favorite
Swedish fish - I've never tried these. I don't know why, except I've heard they are highly addictive.
A sweet note from Holly

I, also, picked out her editable schedule cards from her TPT store.
Thank you, Holly! 


  1. Awesome congrats!!!! I love pretty file folders and the uniball pens too. Congrats! I have never eaten swedish fish either.


  2. Wow!! I just happened to open bloglovin and saw "Thank you Holly"!! I am so glad you like everything and can't believe you have never had Swedish fish! As I said before, chocolate is my favorite but realized before mailing that it might not be wise to mail from NY to TX!! :)Thank you so much for the shout out too! You're so sweet, friend!!!
    Fourth Grade Flipper