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August 21, 2013

New Attitude - PMA Wednesday - 11th Edition

Welcome to PMA Wednesday!

Were you surprised not to see another edition of Training Camp PMA Wednesday? Believe me, I considered it. Monday, we spent 1.5 hours of our staff development discussing the book. Today, we will do more study of the book and its principles. Maybe next week...

This week, the reoccurring theme has been a "new attitude". Sunday, my pastor's sermon was part of a series called "New Beginnings" and the sermon title was "New Attitudes". The keynote speaker at my district staff development day hit on the idea of a "new attitude" several times. Since, I am in the middle of my teacher prep/staff development week, I decided to focus on my "new attitude". 

For those that know me in real life, they know and hopefully recognize that I have had a major attitude shift in the past two years. For those that only know me in the blog world, let me quickly tell you that I was a "Negative Nelly" or a "Debbie Downer" two years ago. I had a tough class and was driving the struggle bus. 

How did I change my attitude? Honestly, I started going to church with my husband. I had always been a believer, but was more of a "CEO" (Christmas and Easter Only). I, also, read Jon Gordon's Energy Bus and got on board. 

How do I plan to maintain my "new attitude"? I try to go to church every Sunday and pray frequently. This summer, I read Training Camp by Jon Gordon, started this weekly linky, and a Pinterest board. But, I constantly have to remind myself to...

Oh snap! I wasn't planning on talking about Training Camp, but look where I went. 

I've pinned a few "attitude" quotes to my Pinterest board, but these two stuck out to me the most.
I choose to be positive.
I live with intention.

I hope your day is filled with beauty, joy, and love. If it isn't, I hope you can find the beauty, joy, and love in it anyway. 

BTW...You may have noticed that my last 3 and only blog posts have been for PMA Wednesday. As I transition to 2nd grade, I am busy learning and preparing. Since, it is brand new to me, I really don't have a lot to share right now. However, if you bear with me, I promise I will have more educational posts soon. 

A final note....I create items for myself to use in my classroom and am glad that you find them useful too. If you haven't shopped or visited my TPT store, everything is either FREE or $1. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you to everyone who has purchased items from my TPT store during the month of August! Y'all are AWESOME!

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