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August 14, 2013

PMA Wednesday - Training Camp, Pt. 2 - 10th Edition

Welcome to the 10th Edition of PMA Wednesday!

Last week, I shared with you the formula for success from Training Camp: What the Best Do Better Than Everyone Else by Jon Gordon. This was just the introduction to the book. 

The remainder of the book is trans-formative to say the least. Before I share with you the "11 Traits of the Best of the Best", I'd like to say that I do not consider myself "THE BEST". 

As you read this poster or the book, you will say to yourself I do that or I need to do better on this. 

Traits poster available on Jon Gordon's website.

I thought about going through each of the 11 traits and discussing them, but there were two that really made an impact on me. 

#7 The Best overcome their fear. Naming your fear and being honest with yourself is really difficult, but necessary to take the next step in overcoming the fear. As a kid, I was FULL of fear and worry. I remember one day, I was really upset. My dad came upstairs to my room, sat down on the edge of the bed, and delivered his [now infamous] "Drop the Rock" speech. (Before I continue, you need to know three things about my dad;  he was a professor, he believed in God, but not organized religion, and his first name was Ken. The coach in Jon Gordon's fable is named Ken.) He basically said that fear was a rock weighing you down and until you learned to drop the rock and get over your fear, it will continue to weigh you down. Brilliant! What he left out was how to drop the rock. I have since learned that I can "drop the rock" by giving it all to God. 

#9 The Best tap into a greater power than themselves. I will admit sometimes talking about God and religion makes me a little uneasy, especially on an education blog. I teach in a public school, so it makes me uneasy talking about it there too. I believe religion is a very personal issue. I have never been a fan of zealots. I will just say that whatever your belief system or religion, tapping into a power greater than yourself is liberating. Last year, my mantra was "Too blessed to be stressed!". This year, it will be "Give it all to God!"

Have a blessed and positive Wednesday!

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  1. I will definitely check out this book. I really like #3 - The best are always striving to get better. That's kind of what we do as bloggers, isn't it. Learning from each other to improve our practice... :)

    Giving away your worries is extremely comforting, isn't it?

    Have a great day!
    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings