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September 20, 2013

Five for Friday - What does the fox say?

Believe it or not, I started this post last Saturday. If I didn't, then I would never get it posted on Friday. I look forward to it, because I feel like my week is officially over after it is posted.

 Peanut Butter Cup Crack Brownies

Close up of the layers

What are you known for on your team or at your school? Me...Peanut Butter and Chocolate desserts. My past two team leaders have "scheduled" me to bring their birthday desserts, so that they ensure they get their PB and chocolate fix. This past weekend, I decided I needed to "practice" a new recipe, so I made these for game day. OMG! A brownie base...a layer of melted Reese's PB cups...topped with a chocolate chip Rice Krispie ganache. 

Angie - If you are reading this, this is what is being served for your birthday in October. 
Click here to get the recipe.

One out, one in! Friday, I had a student move. Monday morning, I got a new student. Here is the BEST part. Now, I have 3 students with the same first name all in the same class. Two spell their name with a y, the other one spells it with an i. You would think I could use their last initial. Well, I do, but they all sound the same (G, P, and T). This is going to be as much fun as the year I had 4 Madisons (2 in each class.)

A few years ago, our superintendent started a reading initiative in our district. Every year, there is a BIG kick-off day. Most schools extend this into a special reading week. Our librarian coordinates the event for our school and comes up with daily themes. 

Monday's theme - "What have you READ today?" Staff and students all wore red and jeans.
Tuesday's theme - "Reading is a fashion statement!" It was school picture day, so we all dressed up.
Wednesday's theme - "Read for a Better Life Day" District kick-off day! We wore our school spirit shirts and jeans. We, also, had a guest reader. 
Thursday's theme - "Team Up and Read Day" Staff and students wore a team jersey or t-shirt. Instead of doing just book buddies, we cross train. My 2nd grade Math/Science homeroom is paired up with a 4th grade Math/Science homeroom (actually my former partner). My 2nd graders took their favorite Science book to share with their 4th grade trainer. 
Friday's theme - "Hats Off to Reading Day" Staff and students wore their favorite hat. We, also, donate money to The Heavenly Hats Foundation.

Kindness counts! Thursday, I received 3 of the kindest comments. The first one came from my partner. She submitted a TAE (Teacher Achieving Excellence) report. A copy is emailed to my principal and myself. Now, my name is submitted for a quarterly prize drawing. 

The second kind comment, also, came in the form of an email. A parent emailed to let me know how happy she is, because her daughter is so happy this year. She, also, offered to send in books for my classroom library. I have an awesome 4th grade chapter book library, but only 3 baskets of picture books for 2nd grade.

The third kind comment came from one of my sweet little ducklings. She looked up at me with her big brown eyes and told me that "2nd grade is the best grade ever!" 

I hope someone shared some kindness and love with you this week. 

My newest obsession

This song is way better than the "See and Say" toy I had as a kid. It cracks me up EVERY time I watch it.
Then, a friend shared this one with me.

As a former high school marching band member and self-proclaimed nerd, this video makes me want to go to Ohio University and be in the marching band again. LOVE it!

Question: Do you read my PMA Wednesday posts? The positive side of me is saying, "Keep doing it. Even if you only help one person, you helped that one person." The negative side of me is quoting Sweet Brown, "Ain't nobody got time for that!" It is one more thing to do EVERY week. I would appreciate any comments.
Have a great weekend! 

September 18, 2013

PMA Wednesday - Smile - 15th edition

Welcome to PMA Wednesday!

This meme reminds me of the song lyrics, "Smile though your heart is aching. Smile though your heart is breaking...You'll find that life is still worthwhile. If you just smile." ~ Nat King Cole.

Smile! It is "Hump" Day!

September 13, 2013

Five for Friday & Two Freebies

It's FRIDAY, and I'm as happy as a little girl! (SNL Dieter Flashback - Sorry!)

I work for an awesome district. Several times a year, they offer "Make and Take" sessions. Tuesday, I went to a Science inservice. I was able to make and laminate 5 stations. I, also, walked away with four books. (If you'll notice my cat, Kipper, is reading the "Rain for the Bluebonnets" board.)

Friday was my teaching partner's birthday! I made her a vase out of Junior mint boxes. I added flower candles, her favorite snack (almonds, cashews, and pistachios), and a set of monogrammed stamps. Then, I added a pretty ribbon. It turned out pretty cute. 

Last week, I mentioned that I made my first foldable with my 2nd graders. This is one of my student's foldable. Me = Blown. Away. She trimmed the pictures, but left the name of the Science tool attached. This was nicer than my example.

Lockdown Drill  - It makes me sad that these are necessary. However, I live north of Houston. Last week, a student stabbed and killed another student and wounded 3 others at a high school I have driven passed about a million times. Today, I was watching the local news while I was walking on my treadmill. There was another story about a cafeteria worker that was shot and killed by her estranged husband in another high school parking lot. Her husband, later, took his life at his residence.

As I sat on the floor with my kids, I couldn't help think about the students and teachers at Sandy Hook and the terror that they went through hiding in closets. Even though, I prepared my class for the drill today, my heart still skipped a beat when the administrators checked my door to make sure it was locked.

10!!! That's right! I've officially lost 10 pounds. I've walked 30 minutes a day for 75 days straight. I've had to slow down my speed, but have increased my incline. I, also, figured out that my 30 min. passes a lot quicker if I multi-task. I've graded papers, read a book, and wrote my grocery list while walking this week.

To celebrate Patriots Day, I made my "My Hero Writing Project" FREE until Veterans Day!

Another quick freebie, I made a Properties of Matter Scavenger Hunt for Science homework this week.

Hope you had a great week and have an even better weekend!

September 11, 2013

PMA Wednesday - 14th Edition

Welcome to PMA Wednesday!

I would replace "sad" with stressed, tired and/or sick. At this point in the September, everyone is back in school. Some have been back for a month, and others just a week. Either way, chances are good you are either stressed, tired and/or sick. If not, you probably work with someone who is stressed, tired, and/or sick. I've already had a cold with a fever, but I get my flu shot on Friday. Remember to take care of yourself and each other.

Have a "Happy PMA Wednesday" and Happy Patriots Day! God Bless the USA!

September 6, 2013

Five for Friday & a Freebie!

Self high five! I made it to Friday! High five to you, too! You made it!

I saw a post with this sign on Pinterest, but the pin only lead to a photo. I decided to create my own for Parent Orientation night. Yes, I served them in a dog bowl.
 (Our school mascot is the bulldog.) 
You can click here to get a copy. 

Footloose Friday after a fire drill! Lots of dew on the grass this morning! 
My shoes (top left) were finally dry around noon.

Super excited! I made my first foldable with my 2nd graders. They were champs! They pinched in the middle rather than creasing and cut to the line without cutting all the way through. The only problem we had was cutting too many flaps (usually 8, instead of 6). This is way better than my 4th graders last year! Sorry, I don't have a photo of the finished product, because we didn't finish.

An apple for the teacher!

Science Eyes Guys!

Science Rockstars!

We see Science EVERYWHERE!


September 4, 2013

PMA Wednesday - 13th Edition

Welcome to PMA Wednesday!

Today I'd like to say "Thank you!" to all of my followers and TPT customers. You made August awesome!

Remember to count your blessings today! Have a great PMA Wednesday!

September 2, 2013

Currently September

I love linking up with Farley @ Oh Boy Fourth Grade every month. Her "Currently" linky is so much fun!

It seems like every month when I go to do my Currently, we are watching "CSI - SVU". Bum bum! My husband records EVERY episode. It has gotten to the point now that we start an episode and look at each other and say "Saw it!", then repeat this at least 2 more times before we find one that we haven't seen. 

The dog has been a "BRAT" since I went back to work. I took him to be groomed a few weeks ago in August. They called to say he snapped at the dog washer, so I picked him up still slightly damp. We tried again today with a female groomer and the earliest appointment. Today, he didn't even get his bath. I had to do the walk of shame out of the groomers with an ungroomed dog. 

LOVE 2nd grade! I don't know why I didn't switch years ago. They are so funny! One of them told me that my name should be "Mrs. Cucumber". Random!

I don't know exactly how many days there are between Labor Day and Thanksgiving, but I DO know there are TOO many. 

I really would like a do over. Last Thursday night, I had a slight fever and some nausea. I felt better Friday and Saturday morning, but then the fever and chills came back Saturday afternoon. Sunday evening, the sore throat, headache, and congestion started Sunday night. Taking it easy today, because I need to be at school tomorrow night for Parent Orientation.

My dog needs behavior mods. He was so good all summer, but is not adjusting well to me going back to school. 

1. I started walking on my treadmill 30 min. everyday on July 1st. I have missed a couple of days, but have made up the time by walking 45 min. the next two days. After I walk today, that will be 64 days straight. The key for me is doing it at about the same time everyday. I come home, check in with the family, change clothes, and walk before dinner. Dinner has been served a little later, but I feel better.

2. I never knew how much going to church could make me happy until I found my church home. Growing up, I went, because my mom wanted me to go. Then, I went, because my husband wanted to go. Now, I go, because I want to go.

3. Now that I am doing better with exercise, I need to step it up on the diet. I don't plan to follow a special program, just track my calories. I find that I do better if I WRITE IT DOWN. 

Have a good week! Hope to see you back for PMA Wednesday!