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September 13, 2013

Five for Friday & Two Freebies

It's FRIDAY, and I'm as happy as a little girl! (SNL Dieter Flashback - Sorry!)

I work for an awesome district. Several times a year, they offer "Make and Take" sessions. Tuesday, I went to a Science inservice. I was able to make and laminate 5 stations. I, also, walked away with four books. (If you'll notice my cat, Kipper, is reading the "Rain for the Bluebonnets" board.)

Friday was my teaching partner's birthday! I made her a vase out of Junior mint boxes. I added flower candles, her favorite snack (almonds, cashews, and pistachios), and a set of monogrammed stamps. Then, I added a pretty ribbon. It turned out pretty cute. 

Last week, I mentioned that I made my first foldable with my 2nd graders. This is one of my student's foldable. Me = Blown. Away. She trimmed the pictures, but left the name of the Science tool attached. This was nicer than my example.

Lockdown Drill  - It makes me sad that these are necessary. However, I live north of Houston. Last week, a student stabbed and killed another student and wounded 3 others at a high school I have driven passed about a million times. Today, I was watching the local news while I was walking on my treadmill. There was another story about a cafeteria worker that was shot and killed by her estranged husband in another high school parking lot. Her husband, later, took his life at his residence.

As I sat on the floor with my kids, I couldn't help think about the students and teachers at Sandy Hook and the terror that they went through hiding in closets. Even though, I prepared my class for the drill today, my heart still skipped a beat when the administrators checked my door to make sure it was locked.

10!!! That's right! I've officially lost 10 pounds. I've walked 30 minutes a day for 75 days straight. I've had to slow down my speed, but have increased my incline. I, also, figured out that my 30 min. passes a lot quicker if I multi-task. I've graded papers, read a book, and wrote my grocery list while walking this week.

To celebrate Patriots Day, I made my "My Hero Writing Project" FREE until Veterans Day!

Another quick freebie, I made a Properties of Matter Scavenger Hunt for Science homework this week.

Hope you had a great week and have an even better weekend!

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  1. Lock down drills always make my heart skip a beat as well. We haven't done one yet this year, but I know it is coming.

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