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July 19, 2014

First Sign of the Apocalypse or Nirvana?

For some teachers the first sign of the new school supplies is a sign of the apocalypse. For others, my self included, it is NIRVANA. It is like the heavens opened up, and the angels started singing. The first week, they were out, I looked, but I resisted purchasing. This past week, I started stocking up. My first purchase? My Mead planner. Ah...ahhhhhhh!

This has been my first school supply purchased for the past several years. Why? I am a planner. The school year doesn't start until I have a plan and a filled in monthly calendar.

My Mead Planners

My strategy every year is to color code my calendar. This year, I am simplifying. Items written in green are for my personal life. Why? Green is my favorite color. Simple enough! Items for school are written in blue. Why? Our school colors are navy and tan, and I like blue more than brown. Duh! Just kidding! Now the hard part, keeping blue and green pens near my calendar. Last year, I started with blue, green, and pink. By the end of the year, my calendar was bleeding red. It was the handiest color on my desk. Oops!

Now, why do I love the Mead planner?
* Clear plastic sleeve for a cover - This means that I can download my favorite cover from my favorite TPT seller or create my own and slip it in.

* Multi-colored monthly tab dividers - This makes it easy to find my monthly calender. Last year, my Mead student planner didn't have them, so I created my own from Post-it tabs. This year, they are laminated and sturdier. Woo hoo!

* Weekly and monthly calendars - I use the monthly calendars to list events and due dates, but I use the weekly calendar as a to-do list. When it is laid flat, I can see everything I need to do in one week. This year, I will have to draw an empty square in front of my items. Last year, my Mead Five Star planner had the boxes already printed. Check! Problem solved!

* Pre-printed and bound - As much as I love creating and printing things from my computer, this is one thing that is already done at the beginning of another busy school year.

What I don't love about this years Mead planner? (Just in case someone from Mead reads this post.)

* No covered spiral
* No pen loop
* No checkboxes for completed tasks
* July 2014 - June 2015 - I already had a July calendar. I really need a calendar from August 2014 - July 2015. Just sayin'!

Disclaimer: This post is not a paid advertisement or endorsed by Mead. The opinions expressed are solely my own.



  1. OMG! I love that planner! Is collecting planners a legitimate hobby? I am with you; the school year doesn't start until the planner is color coded! Even though smart phones can keep track of all that stuff, I still need it on paper:).