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October 26, 2015

Purple Passion

I haven't blogged in like...forever. Why? Lots of reasons! What could possibly be important enough to make me blog again? Talking about one of my favorite teacher tools...Classroom Friendly Supplies new purple pencil sharpener.

I've been a fan of this pencil sharpener since I first purchased one over 5 years ago. I won my second one and blogged about it here. Both are still working great.

Reasons why I love this pencil sharpener:
1.) It is quiet. My electric pencil sharpener is loud. I couldn't listen to it whir all day. This one barely makes a noise.
2. ) The pencils are ALWAYS sharp. Sometimes my wall mounted sharpener only sharpens half or the graphite breaks inside of the wood and falls out.
3. ) My students can use it independently. My wall mounted sharpener is hard to crank, even though I've squirted it with WD40.
4.) It is easy to see when the shavings bin is full. My wall mounted sharpener is black. When it is full, it stops working. My kids know this and frequently untwist it to see if it needs emptying, which leads to pencil shavings everywhere. Not to mention they like to bang it against the trash can to make sure it is empty.
5. ) It is portable. Students can take it to their desk to sharpen ALL of their colored pencils, then return it when they are done.



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